History of The Company

Oasys Realty, opened its doors to the public on October 1, 2015 under the administration of Carmen Hernandez Broker / Owner with over 11 years of experience in Real Estate with the purpose of helping our community with integrity, professionalism and ethics.


Created as a grand experiment, Oasys Realty, operates on the premise that if the company focuses all its resources on building its agents’ businesses, the agents in turn will build the company beyond all expectations. With that philosophy, we are reshaping the global industry landscape.



God, family, and work.

And whatever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord and not for men;

Colossians 3:23.

Mission Statement:

The Mission of OASYS REALTY is to serve our community with professionalism, Integrity and Ethics looking for our clients and customers best interest in a Real Estate Transaction, rather than our own benefits. Agents willing to go above and beyond to fulfill our client’s expectations.

Our goal is to give our clients and customers a peace of mind through the whole process.


Our Vision is to become a team of Real Estate Agents knowledgeable, responsible with values that reflect our lives and through integrity impact our society, and Communities where we are located and its nearby cities. To be known because of the kind of business we do with the right attitude, driven with the right purpose with integrity that more than coworkers we become a  family that supports each other with knowledge, courage and faith, not just be an oasis to our clients but to each other.

Businesses Worth Owning

Our perspective is that real estate is a local business driven by individual associates and their presence within their communities. It’s a perspective that stems from our deep conviction that the agent, not the company, is the brand that matters most. Our primary role is to help agents grow their own businesses – beyond simply selling real estate. That’s why we stand behind our agents, not in front of them.

Lives Worth Living

Great riches only matter to the extent that they fund a great life with deeper meaning. Oasys Realty is defined by a culture of agents who care deeply about each other and are committed to having a positive impact on their clients and their communities. We are a company that changes lives.

The Proof is in the Numbers

As the only major real estate franchise company in the North America to experience positive growth in recent years – among the most challenging in the industry – our time-tested models and systems establish a framework for profitability in any market. This is why we continue to far outpace the growth trajectory of any competitor